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Wow Jeans: How To Style Them Perfect For An Edgy Look?

Like denim, high-waisted jean have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for a long time, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. The high-waisted jean have transformed themselves into so many styles that you will not get bored of this style. High-waisted Wow Jeans can style you for anything, whether party night or brunch.

High-rise jean present multiple styling options, but we often find ourselves deciding what to wear with high waist jean. The key to perfecting your look is to understand the type of jeans that will work according to your shape and height and then take things from there. Several styles are available in high-waisted jeans, such as distressed, boyfriend, mom, and everybody’s favorite skinny high-waisted jeans.  


Why High-Waisted Skinny Jeans? 

Having the experience to know when you can embrace a certain style of clothing, trends, and when you should avoid it. All of this comes down to being aware of your body type and shape, what makes you look amazing and suit your shape, and feel confident and fabulous. People often think if some style looks good on others, it will look good on them too, but that is not necessarily the case. You should always select jean that will flatter your figure. High-waisted jean are extremely versatile and can complement any body shape.  


How To Wear High-Waisted Jeans

A high-waisted pair of jean is a valuable addition to the wardrobe that will give an hourglass shape to anybody. The jeans cinch in the waist and define the upper and lower half of the body. High-waisted jeans provide more coverage to the midsection of a body than mid-rise or low-rise jeans. The below-mentioned tips can assist you in creating the perfect high-waisted outfit.  


Select The Right Top  

High-waisted jeans are designed specifically to show off the waistline so remember that before you pick a top to wear with your jean. A tucked-in shirt, a bodysuit, or a crop top that will showcase your midriff and cinched waist are the ones you should pair together. Pairing a blazer, long cardigan, or a trench coat will perfectly accompany the high waist of your high-rise jeans. Pairing your High-waisted washed blue-colored pants for women by Wow Jeans with a crop top, and a blazer will make you look clean and sharp.   


Create An Edgy Look  

You can create an edgy yet classic look by styling our High-waisted acid-wash jean for women by Wow Jeans with leather ankle boots or over-the-knee boots. You can create a look with a tank top or a sleeveless t-shirt, or you can use a leather jacket to layer it. As an alternative, you can also switch to different types of jeans such as bootcut or even distressed jeans with different kinds of footwear such as platform booties.  

High-waisted acid-wash jeans for women

Create A Formal Attire 

Get a formal appearance using our high-waisted WOW Jeans. High-waisted jean don’t have to be worn only for casual occasions. You can wear jeans to the office or a formal event with polished accessories. When putting together a formal or business casual look, stay away from ripped or frayed high-waisted denim pants. Tuck a button-down shirt into a pair of high-waisted, dark wash jeans such as Black-colored high-waisted jeans for women by Wow Jeans and match with loafers or high heels for a work-appropriate look. Alternatively, you can pair your polished high-waisted jeans with sophisticated flats, stilettos, or high platform shoes. Pair an off-the-shoulder cropped shirt with high-waisted dark denim jeans for a date night look. Add a dazzling necklace or a pair of striking statement earrings to complete the look.

Get The Correct Fit

Make sure you’re the proper size. Check the fit of your high-waisted jean. When you sit or bend over, the waistband should be flush with your ribcage, and the denim should not protrude too much. While some high-waisted trousers have broad legs, choose for a thigh fit that is a little smaller. You should adjust your pants’ seam or the hem to fit your height and body type. The line of our Wow jeans will give you the best fit and keep your fashion game on top. 

Maintain A Relaxed Outfit

Many people choose full-coverage casual styles like high-waisted jean. A go-to casual outfit consists of a slouchy, oversized sweater tucked into a pair of our Light blue-colored distressed jeans for women by Wow Jeans, or you can also opt for our mom jean or slim high-rise jeans and white shoes. Swap the sweater with a plain white T-shirt or graphic tee and sandals in the summer.

Keep In Mind The Length. 

High-waisted jeans come in various lengths and designs, from cropped flares to full-length straight-leg jeans. Make sure the length you choose is appropriate for your body and legs. People with smaller frames should avoid cutting high-waisted jean, making them look shorter. 

Choose The Appropriate Footwear. 

High-waisted jeans look great with any shoe, but it’s a good thumb rule to choose shoes that add length to your torso. Higher shoes (like high-heeled boots or stilettos) will help elongate your body if you’re tiny or have a short torso. For those with long torsos, flats are preferable. 

A Monochrome Fit

Monochrome in black is a good option. Wear black straight-leg high-waisted jean with a black turtleneck and shoes for a sleek, serious look. Add a gold statement necklace or a gold-plated ornamental belt to the outfit for a splash of brilliance. Tuck thin jean into suede ankle boots or knee-high leather boots. To make this outfit work-appropriate, add a black blazer or a moto jacket for a playful edge to make this outfit work-appropriate.

A Retro Style Outfit

Consider a throwback look. High-waisted jean conjure up visions of 1950s pinups and off-duty screen sirens, making them ideal for a retro look. Wear a cropped vintage sweater with a pair of high-waisted straight-leg jean. Knot a collared button-down top into some light wash, high-waisted bell-bottom trousers for a ’70s look.

High-waisted jean are perfect for a laid-back look or a little upscale event such as parties with your friends or family. Upgrade your style game and wardrobe with our wide range of stylish and comfortable jeans. If you are looking for some super amazing yet comfortable high-waist jean, you should check out our Jean Boutique & More LLC website.  

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