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Why Are High Waisted Jeans Driving Everyone Crazy? 

High-waisted jeans are a classic staple in every closet. At first, they made their presence in the western culture, but the way they gained popularity worldwide is a miracle. High-waisted jeans have been around for a while. When it was introduced to the public, it started as an oddity. Then it became a top choice for fashion lovers. 
Though high-waisted jeans are common now, many prefer them because of their slimming effects. High-waisted jeans can also make you look younger than ever. These jeans can emphasize curves, and someone with a smaller frame would look fine in one. Women have especially liked it and have termed it as their latest fashion statement, which is available at their clothing stores.
As everyone knows, jeans fit in every style imaginable. But today, we will focus on the high-waisted jeans trend because it is not only extremely popular but has become a staple garment in most wardrobes due to their versatility and comfort.
Today’s silhouette is more fitted than yesteryear’s versions, but as we know that the best things never go out of style. We believe you can never go wrong with jeans that simultaneously provide comfort and form-flattering curves. Meet our high-waisted jeans for women, designed to gently hug the hips, flatter your bottom and lengthen your legs. They pair well with a jade-colored scarf or a printed tee and espadrille sandals. If a graphic top is more up your alley, mix and match one of our graphic tanks with our preppy button-down shirts in true navy and blush pink colors. We have plenty of cool prints to choose from, too! 
So what are you waiting for? Refresh your denim selection today with some new high-waisted jeans for women! ( Know more )

What To Look For When Buying Jeans? 

Here is everything you need to look for when buying a pair of jeans.


When looking for a high-waisted pair of jeans, people sometimes get confused about what to buy. Experts say that high-waisted jeans are the ones that sit above your belly, i.e., above your waistline. It is not easy to say which is perfect or ideal high-waist jeans.  


The size of the jeans matters a lot because it determines how the overall fit will look on you. Wearing ill-fitted jeans can make you look messy. If you plan to buy a new pair, you should know your jeans size with the exact hip, rise, and waist measurements. To know your perfect jeans size, you can take the help of your trusty old pair of jeans out of your closet. But remember that one brand’s jeans size may be completely different from the other. Before buying a pair, you should also check the height of the jeans and compare it with your height and measurement. 


Jeans that have “rigid” or “raw” written on them are the ones that are hard and have no stretch; these are raw denim. Jeans that have even a small fraction of spandex or elastane in their composition are the ones that are a little stretchy, and that is what you need because stretchy jeans are more comfortable and can snap back to their original shape after you wear them. 


When we think of high-waisted jeans, most people only think about high waisted skinny jeans, but it also includes bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, and straight-leg jeans. Every cut has its own benefit and can be worn in many different styles. 

What’s Your Favorite Kind of High?

There are plenty of high-waisted jeans to choose from, and we are here for it all:

High-Waisted Bootcut Jeans

High waisted bootcut jeans are a pair of jeans that will make your butt look flattering and sculpted. This 70s’ style of denim is not easy to pull off and is not everybody’s first choice, but you should give this trend a chance and try out new things. The stretch effect in them helps keep their shape intact. These types of denim are the best if you are going for a cowboy-inspired look. 

Bootcut jeans also give a body-hugging effect to the knees and flare bottom down below. These jeans are best for women with short legs who want their legs to look taller and balance out their silhouette. You can wear this denim with a pair of gorgeous heels to match. Complete this look with round sunglasses and an off-shoulder top for a head-turning look.

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