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What Kind Of Jeans Can Perfectly Go With Sneakers And Boots?

You will never go wrong with the right pair of sneakers and jeans. It is the safest and the most iconic combo and yet sometimes can be difficult to put together. With an extensive range of denim cuts and sneakers available in the market, who’s to say which type of denim will go with which type of sneakers? Wearing jeans with sneakers is all about proportions and setting a perfect tuning between both styles. Let us give you an idea. For instance, you can pair straight-leg jeans with a crop top and a beautiful pair of high-ankle converse; this combination will look nice and clean and avoid bunching or sagging. Alternatively, bulky high-tops look good with skinny-fit jeans fitted over the ankle and calf area and touch the top of the sneakers; this looks like you are wearing your sneakers over your jeans. If you opt for cropped jeans that stop just a little above the ankle, then the best sneakers to pair up with these are low-top in white color. These make up for a perfect pair of sneakers on jeans.
If you choose to wear baggy white jeans like boyfriend jeans or wide-leg jeans, you will want to pair your bottoms with chunky sneakers to balance out the outfit. Do you know how to pair this combination together? In this blog, we are going to assist you in choosing a striking outfit for your next outing. We will provide you with a few important tips on how jeans can perfectly go with sneakers

Embellished Jeans

Embellished jeans are the town’s talk and are the glam queens of the category. Embellished jeans are best when you want to add a little bit of glitz and glam to your outfit. Wearing calf-length, embellished jeans with pearl details in the bottom part is the way to get a glam combo. Pairing these jeans with casual low-rise white sneakers and a white shirt can be a complete style statement outfit for you. 

Distressed jeans

There are so many manners in which you can wear your ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are usually lean and casual. If you want an easy-going and casual outfit, you can pair these jeans with a neon pair of shoes, a t-shirt, and a jean jacket.  

Cropped High-waist Jeans

High-waist cropped jeans are best for women with short legs. High-waist jeans are the best choice for petite women who want to look tall and slim. These jeans are loose from below the bottom and give the torso an elongated look and a perfectly balanced silhouette. However, it can be uncomfortable if they don’t fit properly. Styling these jeans with an oversized t-shirt and canvas shoes will put the whole look together. You can also include a splash of color with bright socks and a few accessories.

Low-rise Jeans 

This style of jeans was popular during the early 2000s and is making a comeback. You can wear flowy low-rise jeans with a crop top and classic vans with a jacket. This outfit will make you summer-ready in no time. 

High-waist Jeans 

High-waist jeans are popular among women because of how they fit. These jeans give the wearer an appearance of a curvier body and longer legs. It also helps hide their tummy for women, and I mean, who doesn’t like that. Pairing these jeans with high-top shoes and a fitted top will make up a sneakerhead such as you radiate from within. ( know more. )

Mid Rise Jeans 

Mid-rise jeans sit right above the hip bone and can look flattering when styled right. Originally, this was where jeans should be worn. Mid-rise jeans with regular white sneakers and a flowy blouse or a loose shirt will look dope this summer, giving you a flowy and breezy experience. For a more formal yet comfortable look, you can pair mid-rise waist jeans with a plain t-shirt and a checkered blazer to get the most out of your jeans. 

Mom Jeans  

Unlike every other trend that comes and goes swiftly, mom jeans have been here for quite some time. The best way to style this clothing is by pairing it with a graphic tee, solid-colored shirt or knitwear (for winters), and a pair of beautiful white high-top canvas shoes or boots. If you were wondering what kind of jeans for big thighs are the best? Then these are the jeans for you. With a little extra space in the upper leg area, these jeans are ideal for women who have big thighs. 

Black-colored Jeans

A slightly stretchy pair of black jeans are the go-to outfit for any occasion, from formal to semi-casual. You can wear this pair with anything as there are no restrictions on how you can style these. You can style black jeans with a black shirt with some white-colored piping and pull on some knee-high boots to get the most stylish outfit and look all kinds of flattering. Or you can style these jeans with a colorful top to get a pop of color. Styling black straight-leg jeans with sneakers will give you an uber-cool look.

Camouflage Pants

If you are looking to go for a more casual approach, how about pairing your camouflage bottoms with a white tank top and some white shoes of your choice, this gives an easy-going and approachable look to your ensemble. You can switch to white heeled boots and a denim jacket to glam it up. Now you don’t have to wonder what are the best jeans to wear with sneakers. Whatever you are looking for, we got it for you. At Jean Boutique and More LLC, we have some of the best jeans that you can pair the way you want or try out our style for a change. Other than jeans, we also provide shapewear to give you the shape of your dreams.

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