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Things to look for when buying high-quality denim?

Quality matters the most when you are shopping for clothes, and it becomes a matter of even more importance when you are looking to buy denim. It is common to go for a premium brand when shopping for jeans because they are more likely to invest in high-quality fabric and craftsmanship. But it is not impossible to find a pair of jeans that checks all the boxes for good jeans without burning a hole into your pocket. The trick is to identify good jeans from the lot that will not tear at the seam. And you can do this by keeping in mind a few simple checklist items that we have brought forward for you:

  1. A heavy fabric: A touch reveals it all. Quality jeans are made from strong, heavy-weight denim. Good denim should not only look luxurious but should also feel luxurious. So, ensure that you touch the fabric while shopping. Literally speaking, any denim weighing less than 12-ounce means low quality, except for summer light-weight denim. Ask a salesman for a jeans’ denim weight if you can’t find it on the attached label. When shopping online keep in mind to sieve through the product description to see if the weight of the fabric is listed or not. The weights can be light, medium, or heavy. The heavy denim may feel a bit stiff at first, but it eventually softens up after a few years of wear and wash. However, you can simply speed up the break-in process by simply soaking your jeans in a bath of vinegar and hot water.
  2. Durable Stitching:  The stitching around the pockets, hems, and side seams of jeans speak a ton about its quality. A good and heavy stitch won’t split, unravel or pull under stress. A double stitch(done by two parallel running threads) and chain-stitching (done by stitching chain link type pattern) present on jeans ensure that good effort has been spent on making the jeans. A single row stitch is also fine as long as it is done with a thick and durable thread. Gently pull the jeans at the seam, if you hear a cracking sound then the jeans are poorly constructed, and if not then you have on your hand’s well-built jeans. While shopping online, you can use the zoom feature to check the detailed image of the product, if the seller has provided it.  
  3. The Stretch Factor: If you like to wear form-fitting denim then you should definitely consider wearing stretch denim. While you shop for stretch denim, it is mandatory to look for the composition of the fabric. You are likely to find between 1-2% composition of elastane or spandex in the entire fabric. 1% Elastane gives you a sprinkle of stretch and 2% Elastane gives you more giving and comforting stretch denim. Any more elastane than this will make your jeans baggy only after a few wears. If you are looking for more stretch, then my friend you should simply get jeggings. It is also advised to find a different size while buying stretch denim as after a few washes and wears, the jeans may become even more snuggly.  
  4. Design details: You can figure out if some jeans are built to last or not just by looking at the design features and materials of the jeans. For example, copper buttons and rivets are some of the things that tell you that the jeans are of good quality. But beware of the knock-off labels that leave no scope in coying the design and styling of big brands. It is very difficult to distinguish the imitated product from the original product just by design alone but you can always rely on the quality of the fabric to find the best and original product for yourself. Typically, when a brand makes high-quality jeans they make it known to their customers through means of advertising. 
  5. Price isn’t everything (But it is a good sign): Despite all of our wishing and prayers to the retail gods, designer jeans still don’t come cheap. Sure, they’ll be the crème de la crème of denim, but does that basically justify having to eat Cup O’Noodles for subsequent months so as to afford a pair? As an alternate, let designer denim be your quality compass. plow ahead and celebrate fitting a couple of pairs of designer jeans. albeit you do not intend on buying them, they’re going to allow you to urge a thought of what higher-quality denim seems like. Not gonna lie, this will be dangerous because, well, who walks far away from perfect-fitting jeans? But if you have the willpower, then you’ll take what you’ve learned within the fitting room and apply it to shopping quality mid-range labels. Iconic Levi’s and eco-conscious. Everlane is two of our all-time faves.

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