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Skinny Distressed Jeans For Women

Top 4 Skinny Distressed Jeans Women Must Add To Their Closet

Being able to find the perfect pair of skinny distressed jeans is no easy thing. The women distressed jeans are a lifesaver, as they are a perfect blend of style and fun. Now, we see a lot of skinny jeans, some with just a hole at the knee and some super-shredded ones. However, if these super shredded jeans can get you a whole new elegant look, at the same time, they can make you look boring or messy if you don’t style them perfectly. The best type of skinny distressed jeans are the ones that will make you look effortlessly cool, not something that makes you look like you just impulsively DIYed a pair of skinny jeans, and it got out of hand. If you are looking for that one pair of perfect skinny distressed jeans, then you have come to the right place. 

Obviously, the perfect pair of skinny distressed jeans means different things to different kinds of people. For some, a pair of jeans with rips at the knee is more than enough, and some prefer their jeans to be heavily distressed from the thigh and knee regions. That being said, some people prefer jeans that have huge cut-outs on the thighs and around the knees. The perfect kind of distressed jeans completely depends on your choice and preferences. It also depends on where you like the distressed effect. 

Of course, the type of wash and fit you select for your distressed jeans also affect the type of distressed jeans you like to wear. Light wash ripped jeans in mom or boyfriend style means that you like more of a laid-back look that is the best for going out and running errands, a brunch date with your friends, or a casual office day look. Meanwhile, dark-washed skinny women’s black distressed jeans give off a much fancier and sexier vibe; it is perfect for a date night or a night out with your partner. When you put two pairs of jeans side by side, such as a pair of distressed black jeans or wide-legged white ripped jeans, they both will look completely different species. If you look at it from a jeans perspective, then they actually are two completely different types of jeans. The only thing common between both pairs of jeans is that they are both distressed. 

It is okay if there is more than one pair of pants that you call your best pair of distressed jeans. You can have your perfect pair of best skinny ripped jeans, best-distressed mom jeans; best straight leg ripped jeans; you get what we are talking about, right? Creating a wardrobe full of stylish and edgy distressed jeans takes a lot of effort and a lot of errors and trials. 

Below we have curated a list of some of the best pairs of straight and distressed jeans for women. 

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Classic Low-Waisted Acid-Wash Jeans For Women, Boyfriend Model By Nye Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic blue-colored acid-washed-up denim. The denim is ankle length and perfectly combines style and comfort. The jeans feature a teared-up ankle style with rips just above the knee and a low on the front part. The denim is made up of 28% polyester, 70% cotton, and 2% elastane which gives it the room for being a little comfier. The jeans are available in sizes six to size fourteen. 

You can pair this denim with a pair of rocker tee and some sunglasses. You can add white sneakers or nude stilettos and a sling bag for a casual day-out look for the final touch.

High-Waisted, Dark Blue-Colored Pants For Women By Ene 2

What is better than a high waist skinny jeans that are the perfect fit in an elegant blue color? The jeans have a beautiful golden-colored triangular pattern at the back pockets of the jeans and a slightly distressed pattern near the front pockets of the jeans. If you are not a huge fan of ripped jeans but still want a little edge to your style, these jeans are made for you. The jeans have a single button zipline with a broad waistband and a tan brown belt that works as an amazing contrast to your overall look. These jeans are composed of 28% polyester, 70%cotton, and 2% elastane, making them breathy enough for the wearer. The jeans are highly stretchable and comfortable and are available in sizes from eight to sixteen. 

You can pair this denim with a loose-fitted top and a blazer to complete the look. You can also carry a bag and polished pump. Creating a chic and stylish combination for you.

Light Blue-Colored Distressed Jeans For Women By Wow Jeans 

An acid-washed, light blue-colored, and supreme-quality women’s denim distressed jeans at Jean Boutique will give you the ultimate fit. The denim has back pockets with zips and shiny beads. The jeans also have a seamless waistline and a three-button zip line for the comfort of wearing them easily. The denim is made up of 2% elastane, 28% polyester, and 70% cotton, making the fabric of jeans stretchable and snug-fit. The denim is available in sizes six to fourteen. 

You can rock this look by pairing it with some crop top and a pretty crossbody bag with the sneakers of your choice and some funky glasses. 

Low-Waisted, Cream-Colored Pants For Women By Lowell Premium Denim  

If you are bored of blue-colored jeans, you should look at this cream-colored denim. The denim is low-waisted and is ankle-length. The skinny cream-colored denim has round cut pockets at the front and elegantly styled back pockets. The jeans have a single button at the waistline, zip closure, and a glittery cloth belt for that added glam feel. The denim is 2% elastane and 98% cotton, making them stretchable and breathable. They are available in sizes six to sixteen. 

Pair an off-shoulder denim crop top with this to get a flirty and romantic look—use accessories like patent pumps or strappy heels and a hand-held bag. 
Let your imagination run wild while wearing distressed skinny jeans, and make a fun pair for your next outing. Skinny distressed jeans have always been in fashion and are not going away anytime soon. Head over to Jean Boutique & More LLC to get the best-fitting pair of jeans today. We have so many styles of jeans at attractive prices, and you are going to want them all in your wardrobe. 

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