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Shaper For Women: Learn About These 8 Stereotypes About It

Is thinking about shapewear making you nervous? Well, you are not alone. 
Thinking about the time you wore that tight, ill-fitted beige contraption under that pretty dress of yours, and you couldn’t get it off on time for an emergency? 
There are a lot of myths about the shaper for women, and we are here to tell you the truth about women’s shapers. The most common thing we all think about while choosing shapers is that they will make us look really slim and smooth. Obviously, society has added pressure to look lean and in perfect shape constantly. A comfortable piece of shapewear is the one that makes you feel confident and enhances your curves. The main purpose of shapewear for women is to provide support and slight control to their bodies.
But over time, we have learned a few things about shapewear. We are here to bust some myths that surround the body shapers. Here is a newsflash for you: the shapewear can be empowering and comfortable.
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Myth No.1 – Shapewear Will Harm Your Organs

Wearing shapewear can lead to many benefits, but squishing your gut is not one of them. 
There are various compression levels out on the market, and slimming underwear can be snug and cozy enough to wear all day without any confining feeling. To buy the shapers that best suit your body shape and type, you only have to know what type of fabric and style to look for. If you are looking for comfort, forget about waist trainers and corsets and search for airy, ultra-stretchy, and breathable, high-waisted underwear.
The correct shapewear will fit you in all the right places and level everything out, providing you with all the confidence you will need to try and rock a new look, for example, a body-hugging dress. 

Myth No. 2 – Shapewear Is For Plus-Sizes Only

Women have different body shapes and sizes, and, in that way, shapewear can adjust according to every body shape and size. A few of us have fat around different body parts, and the most common is our thighs and the base. And we all want to cover all those flabby parts, and some want the push-up effect. The size has got nothing to do with the shape of your body. Several types of shapewear are available in the market today that will smooth out and control the flabby parts in the thigh, back, and tummy parts for us.  

Myth No. 3 – Shapewear Will Make The Scale Shift

There is a common myth that wearing shapewear can reduce the size from around your waist. However, the shaper for women reduces their bulges but not permanently. To reduce your fat around the waist, all you need to do is exercise and take a balanced diet to lose a few pounds, but wearing a shaper can help you define your curves under your favorite figure-hugging outfit or anything that hugs your curves.  
So, if you are thinking, do shapers really work, then the answer is yes. Wearing shapewear can make you look a little lean, but only for a few hours. 

Myth No. 4 – Shapewear Is Only For Big Occasions

If you think shapewear is only for big occasions, you are completely wrong. You can wear knee-length shapewear under your dress during the hot days- after all, you should not let itchy or red skin get in the middle of your shopping spree. There is nothing like all-day protection from chaffing during these summer days. 
You can wear shapewear or high-waist underwear. Shapewear can help you avoid visible panty lines, but it can also smoothen your waistline and zip up your pants. 
The mid-waist briefs are perfect for such outfits. Wearing mid-waist shapewear can offer you a little control and make them a perfect fit for you.  

Myth No. 5 – A Smaller Size shapewear Will Give You A Slimmer Look

Small-sized shapewear that can make you look small is a complete myth. You should always wear a shaper that is perfect for you, not small and not big. We understand that you want to look leaner but with comfort. It looks flattering instead of small because it will stop breathing. Go for that snug and cozy fit that will give you the edge you need.

Myth No. 6 – Shapewear Just Won’t Stay Up.

What is worse than wearing shapewear that is not your size and gives you love handles when they are not even there to begin with. There are a few ways that can help you to avoid that. First and foremost, make sure that you find the perfect size. 
How to select the perfect shapewear according to your size? Before purchasing shapewear, you should take a look at the size chart of the brand. All brands can have different sizes, and therefore you should always check the measurements. Whatever is your pant size, you can choose the same size for your shaper, do not size it down, or it will keep falling. If you select a small size, it can make you uncomfortable, and you’ll be rocking some bulges. 
Next, you can choose to wear an ultra-high-rise style that will allow you to put the waistband of your underwear under your bra to prevent it from rolling down and provide you with a seamless-looking silhouette from behind. 

Myth No. 7 – Shapewear Implies You’re Unhappy With Your Body

The reason why women wear shapewear is the exact same as why they wear a bra. Wearing a bra gives support, shape, and feel and looks beautiful in our clothes. Shapewear also hugs your curves completely. 

Myth No. 8 – You Need A Few Greys To Wear shapewear.

Why use shapewear? Because shapewear makes tight-fitting clothes look good. For every person who wears shapewear, celebrities often wear shapewear to look good even if their main work is to exercise. Celebrities still wear compression garments when they go out for an event or function.  
If you are looking for a quick fix and want a toned body, you can put on a set of control-top underwear that works for you so that you don’t have to hide behind a thick layer of clothes and put in those extra workout hours. Women’s shapers slimmers are good for complementing and highlighting your curves. If you are still undecided on is shapewear good for you or not, then we can say that they are, in fact, good for you. To buy the perfect shaper for you, head over to Jean Boutique & More LLC and achieve your favorite look.  You can choose to wear shapewear for when you are going out or opt for a tight dress at any given point in your life. Shapewear can help you in multiple ways, like when you go out with your friends to a club or casual outing.

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