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Ripped Jeans For Women

The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Ripped Jeans for Women

Ripped jeans can go from super casual to glam, depending on how you style them. They are perfect for those days when you feel rebellious or edgy!

If you love the ripped jeans trend but don’t know how to style them, we’ve got the ultimate guide on what to pair with torn denim. After reading, you’ll discover that ripped jeans for girls are edgy and cool and stylish and fun – and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.  If you do not style your ripped jeans properly, it can make you look messy. We’re answering all of your biggest questions, like “what do I wear with ripped jeans?”

Read below so that you can start styling this hot trend like a pro!

Dos And Don’t Of Styling Ripped Jeans

You should not be afraid to experiment a little whenever you are styling ripped jeans. You should pair your jeans with different clothing articles to make a truly show-stopping outfit.

Experiment With Different Proportions

Whether you like a more distressed look or something a little more subtle, you can easily find what you’re looking for:

  • During winters, you can pair your straight-fit ripped jeans with an overcoat. You can pair them with a baggy top and sunglasses to give off a film star vibe during summers. 
  • Wearing your ripped jeans women high waisted with a statement puff sleeve blouse can give your outfit a delicate and fresh look. 
  • Pair a white cropped t-shirt with ripped baggy style jeans and black boots for a chic look.

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However, Avoid Wearing Too Many Loose Things At Once.

Ripped denim makeup for a day-to-day casual outfit, but wearing loose-fit denim with a loose fit or an oversized top can make any ensemble look lazy. To maintain a proper proportion in any outfit, you should only add one or two articles of oversized clothing with a slim-fit piece of clothing to create your ensemble. 

 ripped jeans womens

Do Wear It With A Tuxedo

You can use tuxedos with your jeans to give off a semi-casual vibe. Here is how you can club your tuxedos with other clothes:

  • Sometimes, going monochrome is boring. Adding a colorful tuxedo can make for a fun and sophisticated weekend outfit.
  • A light-washed jean jacket looks voguish when worn with a plain white tee and fitted ripped jeans in dark shades. You can finish the look with black ankle-length boots and accessories.
  • For winters, you can layer a dark-colored denim jacket with a bright color hoodie, a white pair of ripped jeans skinny, and white or neon-colored sneakers for a sporty vibe. 


Have Some Fun With Prints

You cannot assemble a list of engaging outfits without adding a few funky prints to your collection. Read through the tips to achieve an appealing look:

  • Wearing a colorful floral cropped shirt with gray jeans will make all the colors pop out when paired with white sneakers.
  • A flowy plaid shirt in pastel hues is an ideal and comfortable choice for summertime.
  • You can wear a leopard print jumper with black ripped jeans women, and patent leather boots for the winter season.


But Don’t Overdo It With The Themes.

While mixing and matching is a great way to give your ripped denim a new life, you must use caution. Wearing darker shades of plaid with wide ripped denim can be too grungy, while a leopard print shirt with frayed tan pants can look too Costumey. 

Add Some Flirtatious, Feminine Touch. 

Denim, in general, can give you a rugged look. You can give your outfit flirty fun by adding a feminine element or two to your appearance.

  • A bow-shaped velvet hair clip dresses up a plain T-shirt, and a tattered denim ensemble and neutral boots complement your body shape by adding a little bit of height.
  • You can wear loose-fitting denim with a black stiletto and a dark flowery blouse to achieve a more refined look.
  • By carrying a sequin clutch, you can make a dazzling statement.


But Do Not Go Too Crazy With The Sparkle

Adding too much girlie dazzle or too much of anything might make you look like a middle school concert-goer rather than a smart mature woman. Feel free to experiment with sparkly accessories, but keep the style limited to a couple of gleaming elements.

Do Style Them Up For A Romantic Dinner Out.

Distressed denim became a sophisticated alternative for romantic dinner dates or supper with the girls when topped up with fitted items. Here is how you can style them:

  • You can create an illusion of effortless elegance by wearing high-waist ripped denim with a blazer and pointy-toed shoes.
  • A crisp, collared shirt is dressed down with light wash denim and spotless clean white shoes for a cool-girl look. 


However, Do Not Wear Them At The Workstation

Even while ripped denim can be fashioned into elegant attire for a night out, not that many companies would consider them respectable for the workplace. Leave the scuffed pairs at your house and instead wear your darkest washed denim to work.

It requires a little work to create an outfit with ripped jeans and make it look effortless, but this is the fun of styling! The essential thing to remember about ripped jeans is to have fun arranging your clothing around them. These are some basic tips and dos and don’ts that should cover most of the basics you need to know when styling ripped jeans. You may now experiment with your everyday look by finding the perfect jeans for the perfect occasion at the Jeans boutique And More LLC

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