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Mom Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans: What Are The Differences?

After reading the heading, many young lads must be wondering what the topic is all about? You must have heard of loose-fit jeans, baggy jeans, skinny fit jeans, but what are these mom and boyfriend jeans all about? Everyone likes a good pair of jeans, right? Jeans are pretty comfortable and versatile in style, and people have been using them as one of the most common bottom-wears for several decades. 

Nowadays, one can find jeans in numerous styles, lengths, sizes, colors, cuts, and designs; tons of options are available in the market, and jeans are great as they match almost every outfit. 

Today we will look at Mom jeans vs. boyfriend jeans and find out some of the differences. Also, these jeans are pretty different but generally remain left in the shadows of several other popular styles, such as baggy or slim-fit jeans. 

What Are Mom Jeans?

What do you think, the pair of jeans that your mom bought for you recently are mom jeans? No, if that is the case, almost every pair of jeans in your wardrobe would be mom jeans. Jokes apart, mom jeans are known for their funky cut. Nowadays, this type of jeans is considered the least preferred type of jeans available in the market. 

Mom jeans were widely used during the decades of the 70s and 80s among the women who used to stay at home. Due to their wide cut at hips and crotch with a high waist, these jeans became the most comfortable type of jeans during that time. Moreover, women started preferring these jeans during their running errands due to their modest style. Later, these jeans became popular among young women. 

These jeans generally got their names primarily because they were pretty famous among moms. While talking about their style and cut, these jeans are regarded as high-waist jeans with wide-cut hips and crotch. 

Now the question arises, what is the difference between mom jeans and straight jeans? Mom’s jeans are quite loose on the thighs and around the hips. It also makes your back look flatter. Mom jeans generally fit perfectly on most bodies as they tend to shape the hips. They will also provide a comfortable fit for those who have thicker thighs. On the other hand, straight jeans feature narrow and non-tampering legs. 

Some generally consider mom jeans as an out-of-style trend, but that is not true; a huge number of women continue to prefer mom jeans over other types of jeans. Also, there are multiple designs available in the market which have generally modernized mom jeans. These jeans typically match every outfit; they go well with heels, baggy or tights, jackets, and many more. 

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

The boyfriend jeans are one of the fascinating types of jeans out there; they are generally the opposite of skinny jeans. Features such as loose and baggy make them another kind of very comfortable pants to wear. 

Women have been wearing boyfriend jeans for more than half a century. These jeans became quite popular when one of the greatest American actresses, Marilyn Monroe, wore them on the set of Misfits. This inspired tons of celebrities and common people, and they have been wearing them on parties, streets, functions, meetings, and several other occasions now. These beautiful jeans can be matched and mixed with a wide range of outfits, be they casual ones or those that are very chic. 

Did you know how these jeans got their name? People consider them those jeans that can be borrowed from your beloved boyfriend. These jeans feature straight-cut hips, long-cut legs, a wider crotch area, and a lower waist. Therefore you can say loosely fitting jeans with a wider crotch area are known as boyfriend jeans. 

Nowadays, multiple variations in boyfriend jeans can be seen, like shorter cut and slim-fitting boyfriend jeans. With the latest variations, boyfriends have become quite famous, and they fit all body types and are pretty easy to style. 

Many of you might also have heard of girlfriend jeans, so let us talk about some differences between girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans feature a low-rise waist and straight lines, while girlfriend jeans are known for their generous and flattering cut. The former has straighter and longer legs, while the latter is available in different lengths, such as cropped and full-length with more tapered legs. 

What Are The Differences Between Mom Jeans And Boyfriend Jeans?

 We have mentioned a few differences between the two types of jeans that will help you spot them while shopping. 


The mom jeans are generally baggy around the back and thighs, while boyfriend jeans are looser, primarily on the crotch area and legs. 

Therefore, mom jeans feature loose-fitting on the upper side, while boyfriend jeans are baggy all over or around the crotch area. 


The waist on mom jeans is generally higher and smaller as they are meant to fit the female hips. Nowadays, you can also observe a variation, an elasticized waist that makes sure jeans fit properly. 


Unlike boyfriend jeans, mom jeans have shorter legs. Also, they feature a cropped look. On the other hand, boyfriend jeans are generally longer even compared to multiple types of jeans. People style them with ankles folded. 

How To Choose The Best One?

Choosing the best pair of jeans is one of the most challenging tasks. It depends on several factors such as size, body shape, and the most important design. 

You can find tons of different cuts, sizes, styles, and lengths when it comes to jeans. Regardless of your body size and shape, you will find the perfect pair that will be quite flattering on you. 

While talking about mom jeans, most styles will look fantastic, but it is suggested that women with curvier shapes should avoid very baggy and cropped styles as they will make the legs look thicker and shorter. Mom jeans can be great options for those who want a casual and calm look to their outfit. 

With boyfriend jeans, curvier women would look great with a tapered leg version, while a slim-cut is an excellent option for petite women. These jeans will also not make them look very small in the typical baggy boyfriend jeans. 

You must have read about several differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans; they are noticeable. But these jeans share a significant characteristic, which is their comfortable style. 

Both of them are amazing, but women generally prefer boyfriend jeans over mom jeans these days. So is boyfriend jeans for women best choice? Maybe. Thus we have compiled a list of a few boyfriend jeans that can be found on the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website. Let us find more about them. 

Boyfriend Without Broken Stone Middle Denim – By Greenx Jeans

This denim by Greenx Jeans is an excellent option for women with wide bottoms. The denim is crafted in cotton and is exceptionally breathable, and will give will a comfortable and cozy feeling. The without broken stone middle denim is so versatile that it matches every outfit, be it crop tops, t-shirts, shirts, and many more. A wide range of sizes are available, and one can buy the denim for just $65 from the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website. 


Rotos Boyfriend Stone Middle Jeans – By Greenx Jeans

The next pair of jeans on our list is the Rotos Boyfriend Stone Middle Jeans by Greenx Jeans. The denim can be an excellent option for women who love to exhibit their accent and stand out as someone special in the crowd. The denim is made of 100% cotton and several other finest breathable materials, and the denim gives cushion-like comfort. Moreover, it is available in several sizes and is priced at only $65. 


Classic low-waisted acid-wash jeans for women, Boyfriend model by NYE Classic.

The blue-colored ankle-leathered boyfriend denim is an excellent match of elegance and comfort. The jeans are made up of 70% cotton, 28% polyester, and 2% elastane. Furthermore, the teared-up style ankles make you look amazingly well. The best part about denim is that you can stretch it quite effortlessly. It is available in several sizes and priced at only $65 on the website. 


For more products, such as rugged jeans, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, and many more in the queue. Visit the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website and avail yourself of the best deals.

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