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LOW OR HIGH WAIST JEANS? What Is The Ideal Option For You

Be it threadbare rock, roll vibe, or on-point dressy denim, there is no doubt in the fact that jeans are one of the finest anchors to your wardrobe. You must know the size of your jeans but do you remember your jeans rise? Probably not. When you go out to buy your perfect pair of jeans, it is crucial to know whether your body shape will be at its best in the low waist or high waist jeans. 

Before answering queries such as best jeans for high waist vs low waist body, we need to understand what a jeans rise is? The term ‘rise’ generally refers to the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband. If your jeans have the wrong rise, it can create unwanted problems such as a muffin top or a gap at the back. Furthermore, choosing the best rise will help you look slimmer. 

What Are Low Waist Jeans?

As the name suggests, low waist jeans are denim constructed with a short distance between the crotch seam and waistband. These jeans are known by several other names, such as low-cut, low-rise, and low-rider jeans; some also refer to them as rap pants. Low waist jeans often measure just 7-8 inches from the crotch seam to the waistband. 

This type of jeans generally sit low, and people usually wear them at least 3 inches (8 cm) lower than the naval. In other words, you can say low waist jeans don’t rest around the midsection of your waist. Unlike medium waist and high waist jeans, they sit significantly lower. 

Low waist jeans have been gaining popularity for quite some time but were not very popular until the turn of the 21st century. Musicians and celebrities played a significant role in making low waist jeans popular. A world-famous singer, Justin Beiber, frequently wore low waist jeans, which prompted celebrities and common individuals to add them to their closets. Another singer, Britney Spears, popularized the fashion in the United States by wearing them. Since then, low waist jeans have been becoming significantly popular among women and men alike. Furthermore, low waist jeans experience a resurgence in popularity in the 2020s due to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

You can find low waist jeans in several styles such as loose, flared, a bootcut, skinny, baggy, boyfriend, and many more. Due to their popularity, manufacturers started designing low waist styles of several other types of pants, such as dress pants and cargo pants.

What Are High Waist Jeans?

Unlike low waist jeans, high waist jeans are designed with longer distances between the crotch seam and waistband. High waist jeans generally measure about 12-13 inches from the waistband to the crotch seam. You won’t believe there are some high waist jeans with an even greater distance between these two areas. Furthermore, these are designed to sit high on or above the hips of the wearer. People generally wear high waist jeans about 3 inches (8 cm) higher than the naval. 

It is said that high waist jeans became popular during the 1970s. Back then, models used to wear them in fashion shows, which pushed the common public to purchase and wear them. During the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, high waist jeans remained quite popular primarily among women. Even today many women love wearing these jeans because of their unique style. 

High Waisted vs Low Waisted Jeans: Which One Is The Best

After knowing some major differences between high waist and low waist jeans, you must be wondering what are some of the finest types of jeans what body type looks best in high waist jeans and low waist jeans? The decision generally depends on your personal preference. 

Stylists often suggest that rather than focusing on the rise of jeans, one needs to choose the perfect size while shopping for a pair of jeans. If your jeans don’t fit you properly, there is no point in buying them. It is always advised first to try the jeans and then buy them. After that, you will find out whether high waist suits you or low waist jeans are the perfect denim. 

The good news is you can buy the perfect pair of jeans from the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website. You will find numerous options to select; all you will have to do is choose your size and place the order. I bet you won’t find the best jeans for body-type females anywhere else. Let us browse some of the finest high waist and low waist jeans. 

Classic low-waisted acid-wash jeans for women, Boyfriend model by NYE Classic.

The first product we have is the low waist jeans by NYE Classic. The ankle-length denim is a perfect match of style and comfort. The distressed design above the knee looks super awesome; matching them with low-top sneakers will enhance the overall beauty. Furthermore, it comprises 70% cotton, 28% polyester, and 2% elastane. The best part of this low waist denim is that it is slightly cropped at the leg, so petite gals will also look so alluring in the denim. The product is priced at only $65 on the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website. 


Classic low-waisted denim jeans for women, Boyfit model by NYE Classics

It is hard to believe if someone doesn’t have any classic denim in their wardrobe, right? No worries if you don’t have one, as our following product is the classic low waist denim by NYE Classics. Also, the denim possesses a slightly wider leg style which is trending these days. The best part of denim is its comfortable and breathable fabric; you can wear it throughout the day. Furthermore, you will find torn-style ankles, which go pretty well with sneakers. The denim is made up of 70% cotton, 28% polyester, and 2% elastane and is priced at only $65. 


Low-waisted Bota Campana Denim for women by NYE Classics

The Bota Campana denim is generally the most special and trendy type of pants nowadays. The back pockets are pretty simple yet fascinating, while the front has a two-piece cut ankle which gives an enchanting look. The product is available in multiple sizes and is priced at $65 on the website. 


High-waisted acid-wash jeans for women by Wow Jeans.

If you are an ornamentation fan, this high waist denim by Wow Jeans is the perfect option for you. You will find crafty embroidery on back pockets and cross-stitched patterns on the ankles. The light blue color of the denim matches every outfit, be it t-shirts, shirts, tops, jackets, and many more. It is made of some finest fabrics, while this easy-to-wear all-weather denim is available in sizes from 16 to 20 and is priced at only $65 on the website. 


Blue-colored lightly distressed jeans for women by Ene 2

Ene 2 is known for making extremely breathable and comfortable high waist jeans; the same can be seen in this denim. This blue-colored denim is slightly distressed, which makes it quite trendy. It also has a three-button zipline and smooth waistline for more comfort. Furthermore, it is available in several sizes while it is priced at only $65. 


You can visit the Jeans Boutique & More LLC for more fashion-related tips, be it choosing the perfect pair of jeans or finding the best plus shape shapewear. Also, you can browse the finest products such as ripped jeans, mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, slim-fit jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans, shapewear, and many more on the website. 

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