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10 Essential Tips To Help You Wear Jeans In Hot Weather

The torrid, sizzling summer days are here! Do I need to keep away all my jeans and let’s start dressing up in shorts and skirts? No, it’s not needed, dear. You can wear, style, and flaunt Jeans in hot weather while staying cool and comfortable.

While, It’s hard to wear a pair of jeans in scorching summer, It’s hard to refrain from your favorite pair of jeans in summer, even when you love dressing up in jeans. Don’t worry; there are several ways to enjoy wearing jeans despite the terrible heat outside. Here are ten essential tips to help you wear jeans in hot weather.

Pick The Right Fabric

Picking up the right fabric jeans in hot weather is of utmost importance. With the temperature soaring up as well as the humidity rising high, it’s important to choose jeans that allow heat and moisture to escape easily. Try to pick jeans made up of breathable fabric.

Keep it 100% cotton. Summer is not the right time to wear stretchable denim jeans. The blend that made the denim stretchier doesn’t breathe away the moisture & sweat away as the jeans made of cotton fabrics do. They make jeans more prone to trap sweat & hot air against your skin. Summer is also a time when you want looser, breezier fits that allow airflow, keep sweats away and let your skin breathe, and if you are wearing your jeans comfortably loose, you don’t need stretchable denim anyway.

Still, if you want to wear denim, don’t worry; we have options for you as well. Pay attention to how the denim is treated. Raw or dry denim in which the cloth is not washed after its dyeing will be stiffer & less breathable. In contrast, the distressed denim worn through in patches will give you the most airflow.

Apart from cotton, nylon, polyester, and linen are some of the other breathable fabrics you can choose to wear and remain cool in hot weather.

Go For Appropriate Fabric Weight

If you are a die heart lover of denim and fail to keep yourself away from it even in scorching summer, you can wear it by choosing the right fabric weight. Similar to other fabrics, denim is also measured in ounces. Generally, traditional denim jeans weigh approximately 12-16 ounces per yard. Though this type of denim jeans provides you with enough sturdiness, they can be too heavy & thick to be worn during the hot, scintillating summer. We recommend you to look for denim jeans that weigh below 12oz. The measure intent will help you stay cooler & comfortable. If the fabric weight is less, then it is one of the perfect jeans in hot weather.

Choose Lighter Shades 


Light shades are the perfect hues for summer since they don’t attract as much heat as dark ones. Light shades jeans go perfectly well with nearly any colored, patterned top. They will be your best friends if you are not a morning person. Light shade jeans will help reduce early-morning decision fatigue as you can simply match any shirt or blouse with these jeans. Lighter shades jeans are the best jeans in hot weather.

Try-On Distressed Jeans


Ripped, torn, or slashed jeans are great for the summer. They provide the required ventilation with oozing an edgy & cool vibe. It is an excellent option to flaunt your stylish look and remain cool & comfortable in scorching hot weather. Distressed jeans are one of the best jeans in hot weather.

Distressed jeans are high in trend nowadays with their unique and fashionable versatile designs. A wide variety of distressed jeans are available in the market, from semi-torn to mildly ripped or slashed. You can style them anywhere from a casual day out to semi-formal meetings.

Just keep in mind the few formal etiquettes! Opt for minimal slashes between your knees, pair them with a shirt or throw a blazer, a few minimalistic accessories, and heels, and you are stunningly ready to go and slay.

Best Jeans For The Scorching Summer

Try out these jeans to stay cool and breezy this summer!

Mom Jeans


Mom jeans are an excellent option for wearing jeans in hot weather. 

The Mom jeans come in a slightly loose-fitting style, typically consisting of a high waist rising above the navel, making the buttocks appear longer, larger, flatter, and tapered at the ankle. Mom’s jeans have excess space in the crotch, zipper, and leg areas. Hence they don’t let the sweats trapped, allow air to flow in, and let the skin breathe. 

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are another excellent option if you want to wear jeans in hot weather! The Flared jeans are flared pants that feature a drastic, bell-shaped flare from the knee to the ankle. The bottom part features a conservative flare, like bootcut jeans, or sometimes has excess wide legs. They are the best option for summer because they are not super tight. They let air flow in and out, thus keeping the sweat & moisture away.

Loose Baggy-Fit Jeans


The loose baggy-fit jeans are the best for summer. They let the maximum air flow in around your skin and keep the sweat away.

Best Top To Style With Your Jeans In Hot Weather

Staying cool & comfortable doesn’t depend on just wearing the right kind of bottom but on your top too. So, here are some essential tips on styling tops with your jeans in hot weather.

Loose Fitting Blouse

Similar to loose baggy-fit jeans, loose-fitting blouses are an excellent top to pair up with your jeans in hot weather. It will let air circulate and keep your body temperature down simultaneously. Just ensure that your blouse is made up of soft, breathable fabric such as cotton.


A light shade or white cotton T-shirt will make your outfit look summer-friendly. Light shades won’t trap heat and help you stay cool and breezy.

Tank Top

Tank tops are a favorite of every girl in summer. It helps you stay cool while making you look great.

Final Words

There are several ways to enjoy wearing Jeans in hot weather. Whether you are going for a casual hangout or semi-formal meeting, you can wear and flaunt your style with jeans in hot weather everywhere. Just keep in mind the aforementioned tips and get ready to slay.

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