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How should you take care of your jeans?

Well, it is advised to not wash your denim at all. But a majority of people can not follow this advice. But then how should one take care of their jeans? Everyone wants to keep their damage-free, in order to make them look better, fit better and last longer. So, here are some of the tried and tested tips that you should follow to take care of your denim and minimize damage.

  1. Spot Clean: You should avoid washing your denim at all costs and should just use an old toothbrush or damp cloth soaked in mild soap to remove stains. Avoiding excessive washing will maintain the original fit of your denim and you will always love your jeans.
  2. Flip it Out: Before you throw your jeans into the washer make sure that you have flipped them inside out and have worn them at least ten times. Flipping the jeans helps in preventing fading and color loss. It is one thing to fade out your jeans while you live in them, while it is another to lose the color during laundry. It is also advised that you should check your pocket for different items cause you would not want your jeans to be stained and dyed in ink from a pen or other items.
  3. Sopa Smart: Selecting the proper detergent for your denim is extremely important. Some strong detergents are often really harmful to your jeans as they will wash away your favorite indigo. And most detergents are formulated for cold water to wash your clothes and keep their color. an additional minute within the laundry aisle will all be worthwhile within the name of helping to stay your jeans their true blue for as long as possible.
  4. Keep it Cool: A cold-water spin cycle is additional protection against fading and shrinking. Coldwater also saves energy, saving you money, which suggests you’re doing a solid for your jeans, your energy bill, and therefore the environment. That seems like a triple win. You can save the planet, one pair of jeans at a time.
  5. Air Dry: When your clothes break down on washing and drying they form lint in your pockets. Dryers are extremely harmful to your jeans so it is sensible to choose a breezier option. Hang them up to dry to assist preserve the fit and avoiding possible shrinkage or fabric warping. If you reside in an apartment, a collapsible clothes rack is ideal. You’ll keep them turned inside out (and out of the sun) to stop fading and make sure the interior pockets will dry. And in fact, hang drying may be a free solution!

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