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High Waist Bootcut Jeans And Some Styling Ideas

We have all seen those skinny jeans disappear and looser styles appear in the public eye throughout the last few years. One style specifically that has captured our attention is the high waist bootcut jeans

You may recall bootcut jeans from the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. The casual jeans provide a looser silhouette and a straight-leg style in one. They have a similar pattern as flared jeans. Nevertheless, the high waist bootcut jeans are much better and more subtle for day-to-day fashion. 

If you plan on trying something different this year, then loose jeans are a perfect choice. If you are interested in finding out everything about high-waisted bootcut jeans, you should read this blog. 

Are Bootcut Jeans Still In Style?

Bootcut jeans are back in trend and with force. Whether you are looking for trends coming back in 2022 or not, these jeans have already made a comeback. The high waist bootcut jeans should be on your radar if you want to buy something new. With the early 2000s style making a comeback on many social media platforms, we have seen the revival of old styles coming back to the front lines of fashion. 

One reason why bootcut denim is becoming extremely popular among youth is that they are very adaptable. Denim is already a very liked material to mix and match with various styles, but because of the easy-going bootcut style, you will be able to wear these types of denim at any event and with most style aesthetics.

What Body Type Does Bootcut Denim Suit Best?

People usually think that bootcut jeans are only made for a certain body shape. But they cannot be more wrong about this. Bootcut jeans look best on both skinny and plus-size women. 

Skinny Women

If you are a skinny woman, then wearing bootcut jeans can take away attention from your thin legs while also adding some length to the lower region of your torso, thereby making you appear taller than you are. High waist bootcut jeans snugly fit you from the thigh area, enhancing the better part of your legs, and are flared from the bottom. All the big jeans brands are getting on this trend. The culotte-style denim is comfortable and is pulling people’s attention their way—some styles of denim help attain a retro look and are not highly expensive. Wide-legged jeans look best when worn with platforms or heels and are a must-have this year.

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Plus Size Women

If you are the one that believes that skinny jeans make you look slimmer than you are, you should try and invest in high waist bootcut jeans or flared denim. If you are the kind of person who thinks they are a little healthy, then wearing a pair of flared jeans will enhance your style. Including a sash or belt around the waist area will make the specific area look more flattering and provide you with a polished look.     

Pear Shaped Women

The pear shape of any woman is referred to as the ones with large hip areas. Since high waist bootcut jeans are generally tight around the upper thigh and hip area and flare out by the ankles, they give the wearer the perfect figure. The jeans also compliment the figure and balance out the silhouette.  

Bootcut Jeans for women

Best Ways To Style Bootcut Jeans

Styling a pair of bootcut jeans is not a difficult task. Considering how versatile these jeans are and how easy it is to style them, you can do whatever you desire with them. There are still some vital styles that you should try if you want to attain a refined bootcut fit. 

A famous everyday style for high waist bootcut jeans is a basic approach. Since these jeans can provide a slimming effect, you can wear them with a jumper or a well-fitted t-shirt in classic and universal shades and let the structure of the jeans do all the talking for you. It also works amazingly with some minimal makeup and heeled boots. 

If you want to attempt an office-ready style, wear your high waist bootcut jeans with some heels and a feminine blouse for a casual-smart approach.  Wearing blue denim will give you a laid-back and casual look, whereas wearing black jeans will give you a smarter fit.

What To Pair With Bootcut Jeans  

Some essential pieces of clothing will always work with your denim. If you plan on adding high waist bootcut style jeans to your everyday wardrobe, make certain that you are investing in some basic pieces for effortless styling. 

What Type Of Top Will Suit Bootcut Denim 

The most popular kind of top to pair with high waist bootcut jeans are halterneck tops. 

You will be easily able to get the halterneck tops in a full-length or cropped version; these tops are great for bringing back the 2000s vibe. If you buy a low-rise bootcut jeans, a full-length halterneck top will complete the look. However, if you are wearing high waist bootcut jeans, you might want to add a cropped halterneck to your fit. 

The Best Footwear To Wear With A Bootcut Jeans 

Some bootcut jeans are designed to make them look as if they have longer hems to highlight the flared shape. It is great and works best for some people, but others don’t want their jeans to look like they are dragging the ends of their denim with them on the floor. The unbeatable shoe option for these people is heels. The heels can be any kind, but heeled ankle-length boots look the best. 

Heeled boots give the wearer a street style look, as the boots can look casual yet chic. However, we have to say that wearing chunky wedge sandals will also look amazing with some high waist boot cut jeans. 

Wearing a pair of bootcut jeans is ideal for people who want to amp up their style game without making extreme changes to their wardrobe. You should clear out your wardrobe and add some new beautiful, improved jeans from Jean Boutique & More LLC. Wearing high waist bootcut jeans will give you a taller and leaner appearance, and who doesn’t want that. You can style high waist bootcut jeans in many ways and experiment with them as per style aesthetics.

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