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How To Team Up Your Greenx Jeans To Achieve A Professional Look?

For women of a certain generation, the notion of wearing jeans to work was considered blasphemy. And that is because jeans were initially worn by miners, cowboys, and other people who used to get involved in hard labor. These days, jeans have become a style symbol such as Greenx Jeans and can be found in any person’s wardrobe. 

Presentations, board rooms, and meetings don’t have to be a denim-free zone. If you want to wear jeans, you can use our tips to wear them to your office. Quite a number of offices allow their employees to wear casual clothing on Fridays, if not the whole week. However, more and more corporate offices are permitting their employees to wear jeans to the office almost daily. But there is a catch. In most cases, the organization still expects the employee to look professional. 

This blog post will discuss how you can wear jeans in a professional style without looking as if you have come for brunch instead of coming to the office.  

Are Jeans Considered Casual?

A business casual dress code may appear to be a dream because it allows you to wear more casual clothing to work. However, because what is acceptable differs from job to job and workplace to workplace, it can lead to uncertainty. One thing is certain: business casual does not imply jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt ensemble. It also doesn’t imply a full-on suit with matching high heels. Instead, women’s business casual wear lies somewhere in the middle. We believe that, depending on your workplace, you can wear jeans to meet the business casual dress requirement of the organization.

Some Quick Rules For Wearing Greenx Jeans To Work

If you plan to wear Greenx jeans to work, here are a few guidelines you should look at. 

Jeans In Dark Color Is More Preferable And Professional

Greenx jeans in dark color will become your friend if you want to wear jeans to work. A darker jeans rinse considered a standard that can help people achieve a more professional look when wearing denim. 

Pieces of Denim that are light in color or are light wash are considered to carry a more casual approach that might not be appropriate for all workplaces. 

Styling Tip

You can opt for a pair of dark-washed Four Button Skinny Stone Green Without Pocket Jeans by Greenx Jeans and wear them with your favorite shirt or blouse to give off a more polished look that you can wear to your office and later for dinner. 

4.jpg (800×800)

Shoes Make A Difference

To keep the look professional and pulled together, you should also steer your attention towards the shoes you will wear to your office. You can think about wearing professional-looking wedges, structured pumps, and some well-fitting flats with your Greenx denim.

You should avoid sneakers or any type of footwear that feels too casual for an office setting. 

Styling Tip

You can opt for a light-washed Four Button Skinny Stone Green Without Pocket Jeans by Greenx Jeans and pair them with pointed heels or boots. You can finish the look with a blazer that matches your footwear to make your outfit look put together. 

5.jpg (800×800)

Pull Your Outfit Together Using A Blazer 

A tailored and structured blazer that fits perfectly is exactly the piece you’ve been looking to pair with your jeans to make your outfit appear more professional and take it to the next level. And you can also experiment with the colors of the blazer, as you don’t have to stick to just the basic black blazer for the office. You can also work with different blazer lengths to make your outfit look chic, unique, and completely acceptable in your office. 

Styling Tip:

You can wear a plaid blazer with Boyfriend Without Broken Stone Middle Denim by Greenx Jeans. You can add block heels to the mix and make your outfit look chic and sophisticated. 

2-600x600.jpg (600×600)

Keep It Clean

No matter how hard you try, wearing distressed denim cannot be upgraded to an office-wearing look. The inseparable nature of shredded and torn denim does not translate to an office wear fit. There are always some exceptions, especially for those working in some creative sector. You can experiment with a trouser style denim with a crease in the center for an appearance that mixes together the feel of jeans and pants. 

Styling Tip:

Wear our Wide bottom Casuela Open Light Blue Denim By Greenx Jeans with some pointed-toe footwear and a chic blouse. 

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Make It Look Tailor-Made

When buying a pair of jeans, ensure that the jeans you are buying fit you well. Whether you are going for skinny jeans or bootcut jeans, make sure they fit you like they are tailor-made just for you and sits at an appropriate length. 

Styling Tip: 

Choose our Skinny Licardo Boot Wide Open Licrate Denim By Greenx Jeans and wear them to your workplace. These jeans reach just below your ankles and make an amazing pair for your office. You can wear it with a polka dot blouse and a long coat. 

3.jpg (800×800)

Blouses And Tops To Pair With Your Formal Jeans For Work

If you’re going to work in Greenx jeans, you’ll want to make sure the top you choose takes your look from casual to professional. So, instead of t-shirts, go for traditional white shirts, pussy bows, formal blouses, and tops made of luxurious material.

You may also team up your jeans by layering a dress over them.

You Can Wear Blazers With Your Greenx Jeans

A blazer is your best friend for accessorizing your jeans for work, as we discussed in our top 5 advice. You might wear classic black, add a splash of color, or go with a trendy print. A sleeveless jacket, which you drape over your shirt or blouse, is another fantastic alternative to go with your jeans.

If you are going to work, you need a pair of jeans that will make you look professional and keep you comfortable throughout your long working hours. The Greenx Jeans from Jean Boutique & More LLC is the perfect collection you can rock at your workplace or even at a party and stay stylish and comfortable all day long.

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