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Camouflage Pants: Dress To Impress According To Your Shape

Camouflage pants might seem like they are male clothing. But we all know that Gen-Z and even the millennials are now defying every rule in the traditional rulebook, then re-defining them according to their style preferences and the idea of perfection. From the way people perceive clothing these days as an expression to showcase their freedom and styling their fit however they please fit, everything has changed for the better. This applies to work-life, cultures, dating, food, and fashion. 

You just have to spend a few minutes on any social media website to know what has been trending lately, and you will understand what we are talking about. Besides, trends are not just restricted to runways now. Camo, yes, camos are back and look better than ever. Camo might look like they are tough and masculine, but the reality is that they look better on women instead of on men. We assume that you don’t want to look like you just came out of a movie or a cartoon; we are going to suggest some dos and don’ts of styling camouflage pants along with other apparel; we are also going to suggest some styling tips.  

Some Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Camouflage Pants

Although it is not difficult to style camouflage pants, they are pretty easy for anybody to wear; there are certain things that you should keep in mind while wearing them. 

Do Show Little Bit Of Skin

If you wear camouflage pants for women, ensure that you show some of your skin because if you don’t, you will look like you are wearing an army uniform. 

Don’t Wear Camouflage From Top To Bottom.

Camo looks amazing on everything from dresses to bags, to camouflage pants to tops, but you should restrict yourself to wearing one camouflage printed piece at a time if you don’t want to appear as if you are going out on a trip to the jungles.  

Accessorize It A Bit

Camouflage is thought of as a very masculine print, which is why it looks even better on women- but accessorizing your camouflage pants outfit can help you prevent from appearing too boyish. Try a cross-body small-sized bag instead of a large one and pair it with feminine pair of ballet, high heels, or D’Orsay flat in contrast to flats, chunky boots, or sneakers. Wearing jewelry in silver or gold will give you feminine but not over-girly look.

Try Not To Look Shapeless. 

Women camouflage pants or outfits can look massive when they start to lose their shape after wearing them so many times. If you are wearing something on the relaxed and loose side, it would be best to pair it with a more fitted top to balance out your outfit and avoid it from looking too masculine. 

Add Some Color

Camouflage pants look amazing with neutral colors and basic colors such as white and black. If you want to experiment, you can wear your camouflage pants with soft pastels and bold neons. Including a bit of color in your outfit can make it look fun and soften the pair’s overall look. 

Don’t Mix Camouflage With Animal Print.

Animal print and camouflage print look very identical, so when you pair them together, the whole outfit will begin to feel a bit messy and busy. Furthermore, the attendance of animal print will make the hunting association jokes pretty much unavoidable. If you truly want to try the camouflage print pants with some other printed clothing article, make sure to break up the outfit using some solid-colored pieces. Linear prints (graphic prints) and plaid make a lot of difference, but you should wear them in small amounts. 

Wear It During Nighttime As Well

Camouflage plants are not just for wearing during the daytime. The pants look amazing with anything metallic or sparkly, making them ideal for going out at night. Other than just camouflage pants, you can also use camouflage printed items such as a t-shirt and jeans outfit with some metallic accessories and a camouflage printed clutch. You can also wear a camouflage printed pencil skirt with a low-cut top and gold belt for a date look that’s cool and sexy.  

Do Wear It In Unpredictable Places

Camo pants, shirts, and t-shirts are all fine, but the new way of wearing camouflage is on particularly feminine clothing articles like pumps, lingerie, dresses, and mini skirts. An unexpected display of something with camouflage print is suitable for adding just a girly edge to an outfit. 
Who Can Wear Low-Rise Camouflage Pants? 

At Jean Boutique & More LLC, we have the best camouflage low-waisted jeans. These jeans look super cool and can be worn on any occasion. The jeans are made up of 28% polyester, 70% cotton, and 2% elastane, making them very stretchable and comfortable. The jeans also feature side-cut front and back pockets to keep your wallet and phone. 

Body Types That Can Pull Off Low-Rise Camouflage Pants 

Every body size and shape is beautiful, but you should always choose jeans according to your shape to give you the most flattering figure. Low-rise jeans are also known as low-cut jeans. Depending on the rise of the jeans, they can vary from just below the waistline to a few inches below the navel. When it comes to low-rise jeans, they can be a bit tricky to wear for some body types. 

To know if low-rise will look good on you, you would want to consider if you have a long waist or a short waist. Having a short waist means that the distance between your waist, i.e., that smallest part of your body, and your crotch are not far apart. And on the other hand, if you have a naturally high rise, the low-rise jeans are not the best option. They can make you feel uncomfortable and leave you feeling exposed. 

If you have a short waist, then there are high chances that you can rock low-waisted camouflage pants, irrespective of the body shape you have. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Low-rise pants will perfectly suit this body shape because people with inverted triangle body shapes do not have many definitions. An inverted triangle shape means women with broad shoulders and narrow hips, especially when compared with the shoulders. Around their waist and their hip region tends to be narrower.  Moreover, the people with this figure generally have lean and long legs. Low-rise camouflage pants women can make people from this group feel comfortable and can flatter their shape.   

Hourglass Body Shape

Women with round shoulders and hip regions narrower than the buttocks have the most beautiful waist. People with hourglass body shapes can perfectly carry low-waist camouflage pants. The jeans will define their small waist. You can wear some figure-hugging tops with these jeans to show off your fantastic figure. 

The Straight/ Rectangle Body Shape

The straight or the rectangle body is where the measurements of the overall body are the same. Low-rise camouflage jeans can perfectly enhance the shape of people with a rectangular body. You can opt for low-rise camouflage pants and pair them with a bustier top to achieve an ideal evening outfit. 

Skinny Body Shape

If you are skinny all over, there are high chances that the low-rise women’s camouflage pants will look good on you. That being said, you still do need to keep in mind the short or long waist, as mentioned earlier.  

People with a short waist and skinny figure tend to look good in low-rise camouflage jeans. You can pair your jeans with a cropped top and stand apart from the crowd. 

However, if you are skinny and have a long waist, you are most likely to look good, but you may feel uncomfortable because of the distance between your jeans and your top. Also, the jeans will be halfway down your belly, which can make sitting in these jeans uncomfortable. 

You can visit our Jean Boutique & More LLC store to get your hands on the best and most comfortable pair of camouflage pants. Our website offers a wide range of products such as a boyfriend, bootcut, mom, low-waist, and high-waist jeans. Add a quirk to your style and get dressed in our jeans to add an edge to your style instantly. 

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