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Boyfriend Jeans For Women

Boyfriend Jeans For Women: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Every woman needs to own a pair of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are way comfier than a pair of regular skinny jeans, and they are also a major upgrade from your sweatpants. Boyfriend jeans have got the best of both worlds, comfortable and stylish. You can boyfriend jeans on several occasions and style them in several ways.  These jeans are baggy and loose, giving them an illusion of being messy and ill-fitted if not styled properly. But when boyfriend jeans are styled effectively, they can make you look cool and chic. 
 Boyfriend jeans are not all created equal. Tastes and preferences vary, so if you’re looking for the right pair of boyfriend jeans, here is a definitive guide on what to look for, the do’s and don’ts of boyfriend jeans, and how to style them in a way that looks stylish and modern!

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

You must be thinking, what are women’s boyfriend jeans, and how are they different from any other type of jeans, right? Since the debut of boyfriend jeans in the 1960s, they have become popular all over and are worn by many celebrities. 
Baggy and slouchy boyfriend jeans have a comfortable and relaxed fit. They generally sit mid-low on the waistline and are meant to look a little oversized on the person wearing them. There are many types of boyfriend-cut jeans, and some are a little more fitted than the others. So, if your choice is a little on the fitted side, you can opt for the more fitting style but the one that is still loosely structured. Basically, any type of jeans that are a little less fitted when compared to straight-leg jeans and a little more fitted than wide-leg jeans comes under the group of boyfriend jeans. These jeans are also the best pair for women who are a bit curvy and want to slim down their silhouette. Boyfriend jeans for curvy ladies are the best fit. 

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Tips To Wash Your Boyfriend’s Jeans

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are washing your jeans, such as you can wash them excessively, the color of the jeans can fade, they can lose their fit, and so many more things. 

Pretreat The Stains On Your Jeans 

Before putting your jeans in the washing machine, you should clean the stains. If you accidentally spill something on your jeans, you should immediately put it under hot water to get it out. Stains like tomato-based sauces, coffee, butter, and mustard stain easily. If the stain is old, you should use dishwashing liquid to remove the stain. 

Turn Your Denim Inside Out 

Turning your denim inside out can help reduce the fading effect and protect the outer layer of your denim. While washing your boyfriend’s jeans, you should also button up all the buttons and zip up all the zippers in your jeans to stop them from rubbing against the cloth and damaging them. 

Separate The Different Colored Pieces Of Denim From Each Other

Before washing your boyfriend’s jeans, separate the dark-colored jeans from the lighter ones. Dark-colored jeans often tend to leave color when washing, which might ruin your load’s other clothes. So, separate the light shade of jeans to avoid them from getting spoiled. 

Wash Your Boyfriend’s Jeans In Cold Water

Washing your boyfriend’s jeans in cold water or at a lower water temperature will help you keep their color intact and avoid shrinking after the wash. 

Think About Just What You’re Putting Into The Washing Machine.

Aside from sorting by color, it’s also a good idea to consider the weight of the goods in a load. Separate your jeans from your delicates and wash them with similar, heavier garments. Denim holds liquid and thus becomes quite heavy and rigid in the wash, causing more delicate materials to be damaged.

Avoid Putting Your Boyfriend’s Jeans In The Dryer

Using a dryer to dry your jeans can cause your boyfriend-fit jeans to shrink, and alternatively, it can also damage the spandex parts of the denim that gives them their stretch. If you still want to use the dryer, you should use the lowest heat setting possible and put your jeans in for just half a cycle. 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Your Boyfriend Jeans

To avoid a bad outfit day, here are some do’s and don’ts of wearing boyfriend-fit jeans.

Roll Up Your Jeans

You can keep your loose-fit jeans from looking messy and unkempt by rolling your boyfriend’s jeans up. You can easily push your jeans up to a cropped length. This means that your boyfriend-fit jeans should sit slightly above your ankle, but this is not a rule you necessarily have to follow. Are boyfriend jeans supposed to be short? This clearly does not imply that your boyfriend’s jeans should be short. You should obviously go for the length that suits you perfectly. 

Do Experiment With The Types Of Wash

The celebrities favor ultra-light color jeans that are a little distressed. You should experiment with jeans of different colors, such as medium or even dark wash jeans. Mix and match your jeans to make new outfits.  

Do Tie A Belt And Put Your Shirt In.

Boyfriend-fit jeans are relaxed and straight, similar to joggers. A belt and tucked-in shirt will make it look like you have a cinched-in waist and a planned look to your outfit. Make it known to the world that you pulled this attire together.

Have Some Fun With Your Shoe Selection.

It’s difficult to choose the wrong shoe with a boyfriend’s jeans. UGGs and knee-length boots would be inappropriate, but heels, wedges, leather boots, flats, and shoes are all suitable options. For a lovely throwback style, wear ankle socks with heels. Have some fun with it!

Don’t Show An Excessive Amount Of Skin.

The two most common ways that ruin the boyfriend jeans pair are:

  • Wearing boyfriend jeans that are extremely ripped, it is not even visible how they are staying together in one piece. 
  • If you pair your boyfriend’s jeans with a very short and tiny top, it can make you look careless and unkempt.

Don’t Wear Your Boyfriend Jeans With A Flannel Shirt.

If you are a teenager, this outfit will probably work out for you. But wearing boyfriend jeans with a flannel shirt can make you look childish when you are older. Instead, you can wear some cute tops and blouses to complete the whole look and look stylish and classy. 

Some Ideas To Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

If you are asking what to wear with boyfriend jeans, then here are some suggestions for you. Even though you can wear boyfriend jeans with some loose tops or a t-shirt, you will have to balance your whole look by wearing something structured. You can wear your jeans with some pointed heels, a boxy bag, or a crisp blazer.

Wearing A Blazer On Top

If you are wearing boyfriend-fit jeans that are saggy and not so flattering from the bottom region, then a blazer can cover up all of that and will make you look great. It will also make your outfit look clean instead of sloppy. 

The Clean Fit 

Boyfriend jeans with distressing and holes are very common, but they are not a must. Wearing clean non-distressed jeans with a jumper or structured jacket will look just as fashionable and cute as the others.

The Tomboy Touch

Accept your internal tomboy. For a cool tomboy style, pair your boyfriend-fit jeans with shoes.

Boho Chic

Wear your boyfriend’s jeans with a flowy white t-shirt and a cardigan. Go for a bohemian look. Wear it with heels to complete the outfit.
If you are currently looking for your next pair of jeans, perhaps you should consider giving boyfriend jeans a try. Available in a wide range of lengths and styles, they are available in a range of colors and come in a variety of different fits. Visit Jean Boutique & More LLC to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and many other designs

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