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Learn About The Black Shapewear & Tips To Stop Them From Rolling Down

Most of us women believe and agree that shapewear is amazing. When you are planning to wear a dress, wearing a nude shade or black shapewear underneath can help you hide all the bumps and lumps. Shapewear can make your clothes fit nicely while also making you feel a little more comfortable in your fit. 

Nonetheless, many women face the problem of their high waist shapewear rolling down. And it is not the case with some; many women go through this struggle and understand what we are talking about. 

So, the question that arises is how to stop the shapewear from rolling down and what makes them rollover in the first place? 

You should keep reading this blog to understand its causes and how you can prevent it from happening. 

Causes Of Shapewear To Roll Down

There are several causes for your shapewear to roll down, but you can easily manage these problems.

The Shapewear That Is Too Small

Is it so good to wear shapewear in a slightly smaller size than the one that would fit perfectly?. Many women want to look smaller than their actual size, so why not go for a size two to three sizes down to make you look slim, right? 

It will work on you, true. But not every part of you. Because when it comes to shapewear, you will be able to see all the issues. You will probably find that it will create visible panty lines on your bottoms and thighs. And it will roll down. 

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The Shapewear Is Too Big

Finding the shapewear in your correct size can be hard sometimes. And buying the borderline sizes is the worst of them all. You have read all the warnings and tips mentioned in the too-small section not to buy shapewear too small. So, you opt for a size that is too big for you. 

Doing this will for sure make your high waist black shapewear roll down. Selecting high waist shapewear is no easy feat. The shapewear needs to fit snugly around the rib cage area to stay put in its place.   

Too Much Washing

On the tag of some shapewear, it says that you can go ahead and wash it in your washing machine. But that is a big mistake and should be avoided as much as possible. Washing your shapewear in a washing machine is a big no. You must be thinking about why we are saying no when the instructions say otherwise. This is because shapewear is made of fabrics such as lycra and elastane, the materials that make it strong and stretchy. If you smack this around or heat it too much, the stretchy material of shapewear won’t work as it was supposed to. 

You cannot even think about putting your shapewear in a drier because it will stretch out the fabric. Again, it will cause your shapewear to begin rolling down.  

Black Shapewear

The Ribcage Is Not In Proportion

We are not criticizing your body in any way. But we are not all made the same way. You might be small with a broad rib cage or even a plus size with a narrow rib cage. The size of your rib cage can also change with time. Playing sports that can develop your lungs, medical health issues, and pregnancy can drastically change the size of your rib cage. Even though you lose weight, the width of your rib cage is not going to change with it. And unless the high waist shapewear does not fit you perfectly, it will roll down. 

Things You Can Do To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down

We have some very useful tips that can help you keep your shapewear in its place. 

Tuck Your Shapewear Under Your Bra

To keep your shapewear from rolling down, you can wear it first and then wear your bra over it. If the shapewear is long enough, you will be able to tuck it under your bra. Doing this will give your shapewear some anchorage and keep it in its place. 

Put Your Shapewear On Correctly

This tip may sound stupid to some or very obvious, depending on how you look. But how you wear your shapewear does make a lot of difference. When you are wearing your shapewear, you should roll up your legs like a pair of tights. Step into your shapewear and shimmy them up to your body. Make certain that your bottom is right inside them. If your lower half is not seated in your shapewear properly, the material of your shapewear will begin to drag lower on your body as time goes on. 

Once you have properly placed your lower half in the shapewear, begin to roll them down your legs and up your body. 

Then comes the fun part, you wiggle your body and move around like a hyper toddler to get your shapewear to sit in its correct place on your body. Doing this will keep your shapewear from rolling down and keep them in its place. 

Treat Them With Care

If you have a pair of shapewear that is already loose and saggy, you can do nothing about it. However, if you own a pair that fits you perfectly, you should handle it with utmost care. It will make your shapewear work much better and last much longer. 

You must be thinking about what treating them nicely means. It means that you should not just yank the shapewear up your body because it will expand the material. You should also employ hand washing techniques to wash your shapewear instead of putting them in a washing machine or a dryer (irrespective of what the label says). Do not put your shapewear under direct sunlight and put it in a place where it can air-dry because it will ruin the fabric’s stretchiness. 

These are the few things you should keep in mind while buying or taking care of your shapewear. To get the best fitting nude and black shapewear, you can head to Jean Boutique & More LLC. We have the best quality shapewear in different styles that care for all your needs and give you the best fitting to wear your dresses with added confidence.

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