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bell bottom jeans for women

Wondering How To Make Bell-Bottom Jeans For Women Rock? Read This!

We all know how some denim styles are making a comeback lately. So, what is the best time to flaunt your style with these cool new jeans styles? What you wear always tells a story about you. Wearing clothes and experimenting with them can bring out a new you, as wearing different types of clothes can give you a whole new look. But what we forget to look at is how these styles come back after such a long time and why? Whether the jeans in your wardrobe are vintage or new, there is always a story behind a certain piece of clothing, such as bell bottoms. Before we talk about how you can style this denim, we are here to ask why bell bottoms?

Bell bottoms are widely known for their popularity during the 1960s and 1970s. Several famous musicians helped kick start the project of bringing bell-bottoms into the fashion world. The bell-bottom style jeans widely became popular in Europe and the UK. By the 1970s, wide-leg denim became popular in the United States of America. After that, the bell-bottom style jeans went out of style for nearly ten years. Everyone who thought that the bell-bottom style would not come back did not think the jeans were already ready for their new trend cycle. Before all this, the bell-bottom style was first seen during the 1800s as a part of the uniforms of Naval officers.

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Sailors initially wore bell-bottoms-style pants. The main reason behind this is that these bottoms were known for their functionality, as they are easy to fit over some sturdy boots after rolling up. The jeans could also be inflated as a flotation device and tied at the bottom while they are filled up with air. Because of its flattering silhouette and so many benefits, this type of denim will always be going out and coming in style. Like any great piece of clothing in the fashion industry, bell bottoms made a comeback during the 1990s. But the thing that was different around this time was that the jeans were more snug around the thigh region and had a little more subtle flair at the bottom of it, like a lot of 90s clothing and low-rise jeans.

During the 90s, nothing was more fashionable than our bell bottoms or flared jeans. Since all the styles are making a comeback, it can get difficult for some people to understand how to style these jeans without looking shabby. The bell-bottom style jeans are ready to become a part of your closet again. These types of denim are extremely versatile and can be worn with any type of shoe. The most flattering footwear style with bell bottoms is boots or heels, and if you are a girl who loves wearing either of these, you will rock this trend without much effort. 

Bell Bottom Jeans For Women

Some Reasons To Embrace Bell-Bottoms

  • Wearing the same skinny jeans can get boring quickly if you wear them daily. We are not saying that you should give up your skinny jeans, but it would be nice to change things up and give your legs a little space to bread. 
  • You can make a statement in these dramatic bell-bottom pieces of denim with a flare at the bottom. Ripped bell bottom jeans for women can instantly make you feel like you are making a statement and help you stand out from the crowd. 
  • High waisted bell-bottom jeans are the type that will help you flaunt your curves. Bell bottoms provide more shape to your body as they hug your thighs and hips and flare out perfectly, giving your body a better shape. This style of jeans also brings out your curves and won’t make you look like you have a boxy figure. 
  • The possibilities are endless when you are wearing high-waisted jeans. You can style these jeans in so many ways, and they have the ability to make you look subtle or flashy and tall. You can wear high-waisted, distressed, or bell-bottom jeans according to your style.
  • Since these jeans are already a fashion statement on their own, you can pair them with just a basic t-shirt to make your fit look minimal yet appealing. 

Some Styling Tips

Read ahead for some inspiration on how to style your bell-bottom jeans (streetwear edition).  

With A Bra Top

If you are the bold type and want to try something new and interesting, then this is the pair you need to try. Styling is all about the proportions of fits you are wearing. You can balance out the wide flare of the bell-bottoms with a bra top. Wearing a bra top can enhance your figure. Adding a jacket that has a strong shoulder structure will complete the look and make you feel glamorous.  

With An Open Button Down

An open button-down shirt always works as a great layering piece. You can wear a button-down on top of your bell-bottom jeans and a t-shirt under it. You can keep the t-shirt simple or go for a graphic fit, whatever you are vibing with. And lastly, you can add some jewelry pieces to finish it all up.  

With Boots And A Blouse

If you are not much for experimenting but still want to look good in your bell bottoms, pair them with a well-fitted blouse and your favorite boots. While the boots and bell-bottom pants are the basic pair that everybody wears, adding a blouse to the fit can make it look interesting and add some character to the whole outfit. The blouse can have some interesting floral patterns and cutouts to look amazing.

A Subtle Tie-Dye

To keep your outfit simple and stylish, you can wear your bell-bottoms with a tie-dye t-shirt and keep your outfit simple and toned down. 

Bell bottom jeans for women and girls are a great way to show off your edgy side and make any outfit look unique. The bells on the bottom of the jeans are easy to see strutting down the street or around town on a nice summer day showing off your fun style. If you are looking for that perfect bell bottom jeans for women, head to Jean Boutique & More LLC. We have got the best and most comfortable pairs of jeans for you at really affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy rocking the Bell Bottom Jeans.

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