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5 Ways To Style Women Bootcut Jeans

Many of you might not have heard of bootcut jeans but must have seen them in malls, shops, and stores. Jeans that are more narrow in the knee than in the leg opening are generally known as bootcut jeans. Manufacturers make sure to have a leg opening between 17 and 20 inches in these jeans. Bootcut jeans are considered an excellent choice among women as they are always trendy. Furthermore, girls bootcut jeans are making a comeback with their vintage glare and versatility. These jeans can be paired with everything, be it t-shirts, shirts, a silky blouse, sneakers, heeled boots, blazers, or any other outfit as per your wish. Bootcut jeans can be a great choice as they will always be in style. 

Bootcut Jeans vs. Straight Leg Jeans: What Are The Differences?

We all know what straight-leg jeans are, but how are they different from bootcut jeans? Let us find out some of the common differences between them. 

As the name suggests, straight-leg jeans are generally straight right through while the bottom of bootcut jeans is flared. With straight-leg jeans, it can be worn either high or low at the waist and is mostly straight at the thigh. Furthermore, it is not a clinging type of jeans as it doesn’t hand, taper, at the knees. 

While talking about bootcut jeans, it can be worn high or low at the waist and generally fits quite well in the thigh area. They also taper at the knee. A slight flare at the opening can also be observed, but not as much as one would see in flare-style jeans. Bootcut jeans are pretty wide to cover shoes and boots. You can say these jeans are somewhere between the width of straight-leg jeans and flare jeans. 

Unlike womens bootcut jeans, straight-leg jeans go over the legs and don’t change the shape below the knee. Also, the diameter remains unchanged at the knee level, and these jeans will not be in the same position as bootcut jeans. They typically end a few inches below the ankle and remain a little shorter only. Girls bootcut jeans are known for their wide opening at the end; the hem almost touches the floor and covers your shoes. 

Thus we can say that both straight-leg jeans and bootcut jeans are the two most-loved types of jeans, no matter which pair of jeans you wear, it will surely enhance your personality. Bootcut jeans are known for disguising curvy hips, while short women typically prefer straight-leg jeans. 

How To Style Bootcut Jeans 2021

There is no doubt to say that bootcut jeans have found their way back into our closets and onto the streets. Women find denim with flared ends more alluring as it accentuates their hips and adds more style to their ordinary wardrobes. 

Unlike tight-fitting skinny jeans, bootcut jeans are very comfortable to wear, which has also made them the hallmark staple of women for decades. Here are a few ways you can wear your bootcut jeans. 

Pair It With Graphic Tee

Undoubtedly, ripped bootcut jeans and graphic tees will always be in style. This is one of those outfits that you can wear everywhere. You just have to simply pair your most-loved tee with high-waisted ripped or slim bootcut jeans, and you are ready to go. To add a bit of a structure to your figure and flaunt your waist, just tuck your tee into the front of your jeans. Furthermore, you can pair them with wedge heels and crossbody handbags. 

Compliment It With A White Jersey

The versatility of a white jersey blouse paired with plaid bootcut jeans look will be something unmatchable. This outfit will make you look like Pam Beesly from ‘The Office.’ Furthermore, you will find the neutral tone to be very chic. You can pair it with a loafer, or adding a blazer as an extra layer will not be a bad option. The clothing can be an excellent option for office meetings or a date with your Jim Halpert. 

Pair It With Embroidered Top And Closed-Toe Heels

Pairing your medium bootcut jeans with an embroidered top and your favorite boots or closed-toe heels can also be one of the best options. Don’t forget to compliment them with aviator sunglasses and a clutch. With this simple and fabulous look, you can go hang out with friends, run errands, or grab a coffee. 

Try It With A Turtleneck

For an effortlessly chic look, try your bootcut jeans with a cool turtleneck. Also, this can be an excellent option for the winter season. You can pair them with some alluring pumps or stilettos. Accessorizing them with bracelets and warmer-toned lipstick will surely enhance your beauty. 

Pair Up With Button-Down Shirts

Women love to pair bootcut jeans to parties and several social gatherings, but why not give it a try at the office? Wouldn’t that be a fantastic idea? Try bootcut jeans at work without thinking they will be quite provocative for the office. Pair it with a stylish, professional-looking button-down shirt. Don’t forget to tuck the shirt in. Complement it with wedges, heels, or ankle boots if you like a closed-toe look. 

We have made a list of a few bootcut jeans women that will enhance your personality. These can be found on the Jeans Boutique & More LLC website. Let us find more about them. 

Wide Bottom Casuela Open Light Blue Denim – By Greenx Jeans


You can find some fascinating bootcut jeans under $100 but if you are looking for denim that is top-quality, try the light blue denim by Greenx Jeans. These bootcut jeans can be an excellent option for those who have thick ankles and long legs. 

The denim is made from some finest materials and fabrics, such as 90% cotton, 8% polyester, and 2% elastane. The best part about these bootcut jeans is that they are as comfy as your beloved pajama bottoms. The ample amount of stretch helps you to move freely. These can be worn in parties, bars, clubs, night-outs, or any other special occasion. There are several sizes available, and the denim is priced at just $65 on the website. 

Wide Bottom Casuela Open Navy Blue Denim – By Greenx Jeans

Wide-Bottom-Casuela-Open Navy-Blue-Bootcut-Denim-jeans-GreenX

Next on our list is the open navy blue denim by Greenx Jeans. This denim can be a perfect option for women who are fed up buying similar styles and want something stylish and trendy. These bootcut jeans are made from 90% cotton, 8% polyester, and 2% elastane. Feel free to wear these bootcut jeans on any occasion. The best part about the product is that it comes in multiple sizes so that everyone can wear it. The product is priced at only $65 on the website. 

Wide Bottom Cazuela Open Sky Blue Denim – By Greenx Jeans


The open sky blue denim by Greenx Jeans is one of the most vintage-looking bootcut jeans out there. The sky blue variant matches almost every outfit, be it white shirts, t-shirts, tops, and many more. Furthermore, these bootcut jeans are made from the finest of materials and fabrics and would last quite a long for sure. The product is priced at only $65 on the Jeans Boutique & More website. 

If you want the finest jeans, don’t forget to visit the Jeans Boutique & More website. You will find several types of jeans such as ripped, boyfriend, slim-fit, bootcut, and many more on the website.

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